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Studio K Lounge

On-Site Childcare

Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance, but babysitting is available on-site during some of our scheduled classes. Babysitting is $9 per class, per child.  *Cancelations made within 24 hours will be charged the drop-in rate.

10-Pack K-Cards

Purchase a 10-pack of Studio K childcare visits for $79. The 10-pack of visits can be used for 10 hours of childcare. Each hour applies to one child. If you are dropping of multiple children, multiple hours will be used per class. Pre-reservations are required.

The Ultimate Getaway for Kids

How Does it Work

First, sign up online by purchasing a babysitting drop in for $9 or a 10 visit  K-Card for $79.  Reservations are required 24 hours in advance. Don’t forget to arrive 15-20 minutes before class, making sure your child is situated in their space before getting ready for your class.  Studio K is located in the new FOCUS Training Studio Space, on the same strip as FOCUS Yoga & Spin. Parents are limited to 1 hour of babysitting per child per adult class. For more than 1 child, 2 drop ins or 2 K-Visits will be used. Cancelations within 24 hours will be charged as a visit. See below for Studio K Scheduling matching up to your favorite FOCUS workout.

Studio K tends to fill up for 9:30am classes, please plan ahead and book online.

Studio K Policies
  • No nuts or peanut butter.
  • Please try to feed your child before arriving. They are allowed water, formula or milk. No juice or sugary drinks please. Keep snacks to a minimum or not at all.
  • Please provide extra diapers, wipes and any other supplies that might potentially be needed during your child’s stay. On Site Sitters will not actively change diapers, unless it is extremely necessary.
  • Infants are welcome to sleep in their carrier. Space is limited, so please do not bring in strollers.
  • If bad behavior that negatively impacts other children or the misuse of property occurs,  FOCUS reserves the right to dismiss a child from Studio K.
  • 15 minute cry policy: We will give a child 15 minutes to get adjusted to Studio K and do everything in our ability to make the transition smooth. If after 15 minutes the child is very upset, the parent will need to remove the child from Studio K as this disrupts the other children.

Studio K Schedule

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I LOVE this studio!

The staff and instructors are the best in the area. The hot26 classes are a must. The classes are affordable with many different options to fit any schedule. I love being able to shower at the studio. The atmosphere is kind and fun. I feel so grateful to have found a studio that feels like a second home.

--Amanda V.

One of the Best Gyms...

...I've gone to. The staff are nice and complimentive, the workouts are great, and every time I go there, I leave feeling better and confident. They are very creative in coming up with some new exercises, so every time you go to Focus Fitness, you'll have fun added to your workout.

--Vince R.

It's A Dream Venue & Studio

The space is pristine, clean, state of the art. It’s beautiful but it’s not a scene, the people are down to earth, both staff and instructors. The class I took, warm vinyasa flow, was challenging, and in an idyllic setting at 88 degrees. Sound system and music were amazing!

--Deborah S.

Every class they offer has something for everyone.

Focus fitness is such a great place to get in amazing shape, meet some really special people and be trained by some of the finest/most knowledge teachers and trainers around! As a new member here I have been very very happy with the trainers and really enjoy seeing the owners involved with their customers. It's a very special and unique place and worth trying out a class!!!

--Jaclyn B.

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