Hot Yoga Classes at FOCUS Fitness


The traditional-style 90 minute class offering the original 26 Bikram poses and 2 breathing exercises. This class will be heated between 105° and 107° at 50% humidity. All levels are welcomed!


A condensed 60-minute class offering the standard 26 Bikram poses in a faster paced sequence. This class will be heated between 105° and 107° at 50% humidity. All levels are welcomed!

HOT26 Flow

A 60-minute class offering sun salutations and traditional power flow followed by longer holds and deep stretching. This hot class will be heated to 95° at 50% humidity. All levels are welcomed!

The Place for Hot Yoga Of the Main Line

Experience doesn’t matter for Hot Yoga of the Main Line.  First-timers and devoted attendees alike follow the same sequence of standing and seated asanas. The methodical stretches engage major muscle groups and organ systems throughout the entire body in a set sequence designed to deliver freshly oxygenated blood from head to toe. To encourage this flow and invigorate the body, the practice space is heated to 105 degrees and 50% humidity. This intense heat improves circulation and boosts flexibility even further. As your body adjusts to the heat and the movements, the muscles relax, the mind centers, and breathing steadies. Expert instructors guide you through 26 poses, offering the attention and corrections that make all the difference. Expect to leave invigorated and dripping in sweat. After all, this is hot yoga.

Hot Yoga Class Schedule

I LOVE this studio!

The staff and instructors are the best in the area. The hot26 classes are a must. The classes are affordable with many different options to fit any schedule. I love being able to shower at the studio. The atmosphere is kind and fun. I feel so grateful to have found a studio that feels like a second home.

--Amanda V.

One of the Best Gyms...

...I've gone to. The staff are nice and complimentive, the workouts are great, and every time I go there, I leave feeling better and confident. They are very creative in coming up with some new exercises, so every time you go to Focus Fitness, you'll have fun added to your workout.

--Vince R.

It's A Dream Venue & Studio

The space is pristine, clean, state of the art. It’s beautiful but it’s not a scene, the people are down to earth, both staff and instructors. The class I took, warm vinyasa flow, was challenging, and in an idyllic setting at 88 degrees. Sound system and music were amazing!

--Deborah S.

Every class they offer has something for everyone.

Focus fitness is such a great place to get in amazing shape, meet some really special people and be trained by some of the finest/most knowledge teachers and trainers around! As a new member here I have been very very happy with the trainers and really enjoy seeing the owners involved with their customers. It's a very special and unique place and worth trying out a class!!!

--Jaclyn B.

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